WLACC Eagle Scouts

Eagle Project Map

Below you can see a map of all of the awesome Eagle Projects our Scouts have done.


WLACC Eagles in the news

This is a section where you can find various articles and news postings about all the amazing things that WLACC Eagle scouts have done whether it be an Eagle project or something else incredible with an emphasis put on those who are still a youth.



Alec’s Eagle Project. Featured in Boys Life Magazine



Tooni’s story of success both in Scouts and on the football field. Featured in the Council’s Scouts in Action series

Julian’s Eagle Project. Featured on ABC’s Cool Kids series

Zach’s Eagle Project featured in the Santa Clarita Signal

Jackson’s Eagle Project featured in the Acorn



How to get your Eagle Project published

Below are some tips and trick on how to publicize your Eagle Project.


If you’re reading this you are most likely about to execute your Eagle Project, an accumulation of your Scouting journey and countless hours of hard work. You should be recognized for your efforts. Although it’s not why scouts do what they do public recognition is a great way to spread the story of Scouting in the community.

We want to suggest that you reach out to your local news agencies for coverage as well as give you some tips and tricks on how to do so.

Smaller, local news agencies are always looking for content to run. Getting stories in these publications is not that hard If you put a little time into it.

Although harder to do larger, nationwide news agencies also look for local community stories. These larger agencies also often time have local affiliates who run stories like Eagle Projects.

Try and reach out before your project that way they do coverage at your project and even raise awareness for it beforehand to help you in recruiting and fundraising.

TIP: Type up the story you know the project best! Write a 2-3 paragraph Recap of the project in 3rd person making sure to cover, who, where, when, and why you picked that project. People are interested in you! Take a look at the stories above and use them as templates! Make sure to proof read and send good before & after pictures.

A few news outlets that we suggest reaching out to are below:

Palisades Post. https://www.palipost.com/

ABC, Cool kids series. http://abc7.com/coolkids/

Santa Clarita Signal. https://signalscv.com/

KTLA 5. http://ktla.com/

The Acorn Newspaper. https://www.theacorn.com/contact-us/