National Youth Leadership Training

General Information about NYLT

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Major Aims of NYLT


  • to give participants the confidence and knowledge to run the troop program,
  • to teach and practice key leadership skills and relate these skills to the Scout’s troop responsibilities,
  • to give Scouts the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other Scouts,
  • to give each Scout a varied experience and new skills, with emphasis on the patrol method, in a fun atmosphere,
  • to create an atmosphere where Scouts will experience “Scouting at its best,” and
  • to enhance the relationship between the participant and his home troop.

Is NYLT a week at summer camp?

No. Although there is an emphasis on fun, NATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING is a leadership training course in an outdoor environment. There are no rank advancement opportunities during the week. The purpose of this course is to develop leadership skills that Scouts will use in their home troop and throughout their lives.

Who should attend NYLT?

  • Youth in a position of leadership (Senior Patrol Leader or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader) or will be a candidate in the near future.
  • Be First Class rank before attending.
  • Must be thirteen years of age before the first day of NYLT.
  • And have the enthusiasm and desire to participate in this learning experience.

WLACC National Youth Leadership Training

Registrants must be 13 years old and First Class rank by June 18, 2017

$250 per Scout by 4/30/17
$275 per Scout starting 5/01/17

$100 Deposit Required, Balance Due May 31,2017

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Course Information:
Participant Information
Equipment List
Annual Health and Medical Record and Release Forms

Map to Camp Josepho

Is any special equipment needed?

Each Scout is required to have at least one complete Scout uniform. A complete uniform includes the following; Scout shirt, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt and Scout socks. This is sometimes known as the Class A uniform and will be worn at breakfast and dinner during the week. Most other times the Scouts will wear a uniform which consists of the NYLT T-shirt (provided on the first day of the course) along with Scout pants, Scout socks and Scout belt. One set of civilian clothes will be useful for a couple of activities during the week. More information is given after application is received. Participants will receive 2 each NYLT T-Shirt, NYLT Trained Shoulder Patch, NYLT Program Patch, and NYLT Water Bottle.

How can I get additional information?

Contact:  Jessica Pazdernik <>