Both Learning for Life and Scouting units are chartered for a period of twelve months at a time.  The vast majority of units recharter on a calendar year basis, meaning that their charter runs from January 1st – December 31st of a given year.  Ninety days prior to the end of the charter period units are able to login online and begin the recharter process.  Unit Leadership (Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative, and the Top Leader ie. Cubmaster, Scoutmaster etc.) or in the case of Exploring Post/Club Leadership (Parent Committee Chair and Post/Club Adviser) will receive an automated e-mail to begin the process 90 days prior to their unit charter expiring.  This automated e-mail from the National Council will include the “Unit Access Code” needed to login in to the recharter system and links to the recharter site.

For your convenience we have posted links below to the recharter website as well as additional resources and a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Internet Rechartering System