Enhancing with Professional Development Collaboration: BSA & E.P.I.C.

Boy Scouts of America has been working with Executive Performance Institute for Coaching – also known as E.Pl.C. – and we are already seeing great success! In working with us, E.P.I.C.’s goal was to jumpstart the trajectory of our results with a couple of our teams by providing training in business development. E.P.I.C. helped BSA get clear on our vision and tools to not only achieve those goals, but sustain and continue to enhance them.

E.P.I.C.’s CEO/Founder Jenna Dillon and Executive Coach Jennifer Melyan created a workshop series that was tailored specific to fit our needs, emphasizing Boy Scouts of America’s unique value proposition and development business development techniques that best align with our organization’s core values.

Working with E.P.I.C. involved several facets. One facet we focused on with BSA was the art of positioning. Dillon emphasized “Positioning is about celebrating your uniqueness in a place with those who want it.”  First, the trainers worked with us to identify our ideal clientele for the desired goals we have set. They then provided interactive, engaging workshops to train on tactics and techniques on how we want to position ourselves in front of our clientele, clearly conveying the unique value that we provide.

Jennifer Melyan & Jenna Dillon

We were thrilled to learn that E.P.I.C. works with a variety types of businesses from different industries and different sizes, including non-profits. With non-profits like BSA, we posed strategic questions to our teams such as “How do we make volunteering as efficient as possible and leverage technology for the time/commitment challenges?” Within our work together, we focused on 3 main subjects for business development: Communication, Positioning, & Mindset. We were able to learn and know how to implement a service-oriented approach where our staff focused on how to discover the problem/need the clients have through inquiry. From there, they then were able to learn how to help clients come to a healthy solution of recognizing how BSA fills their need(s) and/or desire(s).  This became a unique, eye opening experience to identify where our areas of improvement were needed. “I thought it was an excellent exercise to go through to help us realize how important it is and how valuable it is. (They) did a great job of creating awareness.” – Lee Harrison, COO, Boy Scouts of America

In working with E.P.I.C., we were able to recognize areas of improvement in communication, leadership, collaboration amongst team(s), and overall interpersonal skills. The facilitation and training workshops allowed us to focus on all the data both collected and learned to advance with fruitful ideas to sustain the organization short-term and long-term.

E.P.I.C. offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, facilitation, keynote speaking, workshops and webinars, and an extensive professional development training program. Their team has worked with clients such as The Allbright, DreamWorks Universal Studios, Northwestern Financial Network, NASA, Circle K, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Rockwell Collins, McDonalds, and more. In working with E.P.I.C., you will walk away with tools and understanding of how to assess your leadership, company culture, bandwidth and more for exponential growth in your profession. For more information please contact E.P.I.C. at [email protected] or visit their website and social media platforms here!