Camp Out in Place

Presented by:
Western Los Angeles County Council
Greater Los Angeles Area Council

There will not be an event in August. Instead, we encourage you to join the national Family Fun Fest! Click Here for details. 

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you cannot camp out!

Units plan your week-end camp out today.  Patrols and dens should plan a meal for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, you should also plan some type of patrol or den activity Saturday afternoon, this can be something fun or even some advancements for a merit badge or activity pin.

We have a Camper Campfire which has scouts skits, song, and yells.

Official Patch:

Commemorate your participation in our “virtual campout”  and overcoming the challenges of Spring 2020, with your collectible Camp Out in Place 2020 patch.

Support your Local Council

COVID-19 has been disruptive, not only to our units and our programs, but also to the fundraising efforts that help make Scouting possible in our council.  Registration for Camp Out in Place includes an optional contribution to to the host councils’ Friends of Scouting campaign, donate today to help keep Scouting going today.

The following can be downloaded here

Campfire Program Outline

Spot Song, Skit, and other videos By:
1 Opening/Welcome WLACC & GLAAC
2 S’mores Recipes GLAAC
3 Scout Skits Submissions
4 Cooking Competitions Submissions
5 Activity Videos to do while at home GLAAC
6 Blanket Fort Competitions Submissions
7 Campsite Competitions Submissions
8 Scout Stories, Songs or Joke Submissions
9 Closing/Thank you WLACC & GLAAC


Submit your videos and pictures to be featured as part of the program. Submissions received by July 20th will be reviewed to be input into the Campfire Program.

Recipes and supply lists will be provided to all that register for the event by July 22nd so that you can follow along during the programming.


*Programming subject to change depending on submissions.


Whats a camp out without a little fun of competitions?  We have plenty of competitions for Scouts to participate in during our camp out which includes cooking, campsite set up and more.  We will have categories for both cub scouts and ScoutsBSA  and for individual and groups in the competitions, so everyone can have fun with us.

Submitting your entries:

To submit your entries for any of the competitions please take pictures and upload them to our competitions page that can be found here. Last day to submit pictures will be Monday, July 20, 2020.  We will announce the winners at a later time.  We are also asking that you share your photos with everyone using social media using the #BSAwestLA and #CampinPlace


We will have two different cooking competitions.

  1. Most creative meal plan – for this competition we are asking participants to submit their meal plan and photos of the meal once its done.
  2. Best meal made using a solar oven.  Learn how to make a solar oven here or check out this great video.


  1. Best Campsite Set Up – we want to see how well scouts can set up a traditional campsite from home.  Take a picture and send it to us.
  2. Coolest Blanket Fort – we know not everyone has their own tent or a place they can set it up in, so we want scouts to build a blanket for if they don’t have a tent.  Be creative and have fun.

Program Plan

We know the program is important so share your plans with us and a picture of your plan most creative and fun looking wins.


Campfire without a fire – we know many of you guys cant have a real fire at home, so be creative and create a fun fire using stuff you have at home.  Take some photos and share with us.

Tents or Forts

What is a camp out without a tent or fort?  This is not another night of sleeping in your bed.  So first thing to do is plane your campsite.  Whether you are camping in your backyard or camping in your living room (with your parents approval).

Steps to getting ready for your camp out:

  1. So first gather your camping supplies:
    1. Tent/blankets for fort
    2. Sleeping bag or blankets
    3. Flash light
    4. Pillow
    5. Camping chair
    6. Campfire (for those who cant have a real campfire make one out of the stuff around your house.  We are having a competition for most creative non fire campfire).
    7. A electronic device for photos and communicating with your patrol or den
  2. Once your stuff is gathered set it up
  3. Take some photos of your set up and share them on social media using #BSAwestLA and #CampinPlace also follow the directions on how to submit your contest entries.

Are you stuck on how to set up your campsite or how to build a fort? Don’t worry we are here to help check out the links to get some tips on set up or take a look at the photos below for ideas.

Blanket Fort

Campsite at home

Camp Out Food

What is a camp out with out great camp out food.  Anything can be seen as camping food, so first get with your patrol, troop, den, pack, or family and plan meals for Friday Dinner and Saturday Lunch.  Look for things that are great to cook on a camp out, need some ideas here is on of many great ones online. Also take a look at our latest episode of Scout Saturday Life for cooking ideas.

Need help making the plan?  Check out this great resource for making plans.

Once you have your meal plan see if you can cook it outside on a camping stove, open fire, or a barbeque.  If you cant then your kitchen works as well.  Just remember to have your parents/guardian permission and help when cooking.

Take your Meal to the Next Level

We will have two food based competitions for our camp out.  The first is best plan meal, share your meal plan and what it looks like when its done.  The second  is seeing what you can cook in a solar oven.   Share your pictures on social media using the #BSAwestLA and #CampinPlace and submit your pictures to be judged.  More information on judging can be found on the competitions tab.

What is a camp out without some program?

This is where your unit planing comes into place comes into place.  Units should have their packs, dens, troop, or patrols meet a head of time for the camp out and plan some program using our sample schedule.

We are recommending the units to plan Friday Dinner and Saturday Lunch, the unit can watch Scout Saturday Live Saturday morning.  After lunch the group should plan something, this can be a community hike, advancement from home, or some other fun activities.  Just remember to keep with social distancing and using any video communication method to have fun with your fellow scouts.

Need Help Planing?

If you need some help with program idea, take a look at some of the helpful links below:

30 Day Cub Scout Challenges 

30 Day ScoutBSA Challenge * Scout * Tenderfoot * Second Class * First Class *

National Camping Program Resources

Drawing Every Day Challenge

Virtual Field Trip

Camp Out in Place Program:
  • 5:00 pm – Dinner
  • 6:00 pm – Campfire program (this will be live on the Council Youtube account friday and made available for later use.
  •  9:00 am – Unit level program (this is where your program planing comes into place)
  • 12:00 pm – Lunch
  • 1:00 pm – Optional Unit level program or family time
  • 4:00 pm – Event concludes
Program Competition

Don’t forget create a program as a group (Pack, Troop, Patrol, or Den) and share that plan to compete in our program plan competition.  More information can be found on the Competitions Tab.

Friday Night Virtual Campfire

What is a camp out without a campfire.  We need your help to create our camper campfire!

Campfire will take place Friday night at 6:00 pm on our youtube page.

Show everyone your Scout Spirit by making a video of your favorite song, skit, skill, run-on, or story using what you have at home – family members, props, musical instruments or costumes.  Even get your patrol, den, troop, or pack together using Zoom or other video chat services to record something your create with friends for our campfire.  We will accept individual and group submissions from Scouts and Scouters of all ages.  You must get parent/guardian permission to film and submit your video.

Videos should be 3 minutes or less and should be Scouting appropriate for an audience of all ages.  We will select from all submissions to include them in our 45 minute campfire program for Friday night.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be received by ?
  2. Youth must have permission of a parent/guardian to submit.
  3. if using a mobile device, film in landscape mode (sideways)
  4. Wear your Field Uniform, or your units Activity Uniform, or a costume if you can
  5. Consider the lighting, visual background, and background noise of your video’s outdoor or indoor setting
  6. begin the video by briefly introducing yourself or your group including
    1. First Name
    2. Your units city, type and number (ex. Van Nuys, Pack 123)
    3. The name of the song, skit, story, stunt, etc.
  7. Watch and listen to your video before you submit it so you send your best one.

Submit your Video Here!

Camping photos

Share your campsite, program, and food by tagging your photo with #BSAwestLA and #CampinPlace.

Photo Category Winners

More Camping Out in Place Photos