How the Council Works

Our council runs on the energy and vitality of our volunteer and professional staff.

What the Council Does for the Unit

Council President

The elected volunteer Scouter who heads the council and chairs its executive board.

The Executive Board

The executive board is the governing body responsible for the council’s operations and assets. The council executive board is headed by the council president and is made up of annually elected local community leaders

VPs and Council Committees

WLACC has many active committees, filled with enthusiastic volunteers each doing their part to bring a fabulous Scouting program to all in our council. We encourage every adult volunteer to help out in an area that they love most about Scouting: at the unit, district and/or council level! Each Council Committee is headed by a Council Vice President.

  • Budget and Forecasting Committee
  • Activities and Civic Service Committee
  • Advancement and Recognition Committee
  • Camping and Outdoor Promotion Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Leadership Training Committee
  • Relationships Committee

Scout Executive

The chief executive officer of the council responsible for the administration, financing, marketing, motivation, recruiting, and staffing required for successful council operations.


Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed.

  • BSA National Website Commissioners Page
  • Council Commissioners
  • Assistant Council Commissioners
  • District Commissioners
  • Assistant District Commissioners
  • Roundtable Commissioners
  • Unit Commissioners
  • District Organizations

WLACC is composed of six incredible districts, each with their own leaders working hard to bring the best Scouting program to the youth in its district.

Key 3

The Key 3 are the core leadership for each district. The Monthly Council Key 3 meeting includes the Key 3 from each Council District.

  • District Executive
  • District Chairperson
  • District Commissioner

District Committees and Chairs

Like at the council level, each district has its own committee for the key areas, each with a district chair. The district chairs from all of our districts comprise our corresponding council committee.

  • District Budget and Forecasting Committee
  • District Activities and Civic Service Committee
  • District Advancement and Recognition Committee
  • District Camping and Outdoor Promotion Committee
  • District Membership Committee
  • District Leadership Training Committee
  • District Program Committee