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Inviting a friend to join Scouting could pay off even past having a buddy in your unit! From June 1st to October 31st, we have two great incentives for you or your unit to bring in new families.


For each friend that a Scout invites to join who then registers in a WLACC unit, the Scout will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and a recruiter patch! Additionally, any Scout that has 3 or more friends sign up will receive 2 “Any Day” tickets to Magic Mountain.


Units will receive a $5 card to the Scout Shop for each new Scout that signs up. The top 3 recruiting units will also receive their choice of either a pizza or ice cream party and visit from the council president.


Q: How do I ensure my Scout gets credit for the referral?
A: The friend you have invited must fill out the form at and put your Scout’s name down as the person who referred them. They can fill out this form at any time, as long as it is before they have registered.

Q: When do I get the stuff?
A: Individual Scouts will receive the Amazon e-gift card within a week or two after the friend’s registration is processed and will be mailed a recruiter patch for the first friend who joins as soon as possible. Similarly, once a Scout has reached 3 friends registered, tickets will be sent as soon as possible once our office processes and confirms everything. Units can expect to receive their Scout Shop gift card after October membership closes and will be contacted individually for scheduling the party if they qualify.

Q: Who do I contact with additional questions about how the program works?
A: Email [email protected] regarding questions on the program