Western Los Angeles County Council High Adventure Team

Up the Adventure in Your Troop
Up the Adventure in Your Troop
Up the Adventure in Your Troop
Up the Adventure in Your Troop
Up the Adventure in Your Troop
Up the Adventure in Your Troop
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High Adventure Team News and Events

Upcoming Events

🏕 Desert Awareness/Astronomy. June 1-2, 2024
🏕 Adult Basic Backpacking. Class September 7, 2024. Outing September 21/22, 2024. Details coming soon.
🏕 Jr Basic Backpacking. Class October 13, 2024. Outing October 26/27 – Tom (week two if needed November 3 & 4) 2024. Details coming soon.
🏕 Orienteering December 8, 2024. Details coming soon.
🏕 Desert Training May 31, 2025.
Details coming soon.


The High Adventure Programs

Why should High Adventure be a part of your troop?

Adventures in the wilderness are at the heart of scouting.
• Keeps the scouts excited and engaged
• Retains youth as they grow older
• Provides enormous opportunities for learning and advancement
• Builds confidence, team building, and leadership skills
• It’s FUN!

WLACC High Adventure Team

How do we get scouts interested in High Adventure?

Several techniques exist to help broaden the minds of young scouts and motivate them to want to take on high adventure experiences.

WLACC High Adventure Team

Patches, Medals & More Patches!

There is a robust reward and recognition program built around high adventure activities. These awards are sponsored by local councils and apply to backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, canyoneering, trail building, SCUBA diving, peak-bagging,… and on and on and on. All of these awards are built around specific High Adventure themes or activities that scouts can get excited about and pursue.

Check out the Awards section on this website to begin exploring the possibilities.

WLACC High Adventure Team

Themed T-shirts, Caps, Sweatshirts and Other Gear

Some troops implement achievement levels for their scouts via training and adventure completion milestones (e.g.: number of backpacking events or miles hiked, etc.) Different colored Class B shirts allow scouts to actively display their accomplishments and help to motivate other scouts to strive to achieve the same.

WLACC High Adventure Team

Use Court of Honor Events to Showcase High Adventure Activities

Reserve a portion of the Court of Honor to specially award High Adventure patches & medals – making a big deal out of the accomplishments each scout achieved in earning them.

Ask the Troop Scribe or Webmaster to create a slideshow or video of all your amazing events, themed to music. Sit back as the images from these great activities inspire and advertise the adventures. Scouts in the audience will see themselves (and their friends) on the big screen. Before you know it, they’ll be clamoring to do more!


HATeam volunteering at the 2024 Reyes Adobe Camporee climbing wall

Climbing Level One September 10, 2023

Desert Awareness and Astronomy May 20-21, 2023

Adult Winter Backpacking February 4, 2023

WLACC HAT Snow & Ice Trekking January 22, 2023

Adult Basic Backpacking Course November 12-13, 2022

Junior Backpacking Course October 8-9, 2022

Junior Basic Backpacking Course - May 2022

Baldy bowl HAT 2022

Past Hikes


This resource is provided by the Western Los Angeles County High Adventure Team. We are a group of volunteer Scouters who enjoy hiking, backpacking and other outdoor adventures that are typically beyond what most troops provide. Working together, our goal is to empower and inspire adult leaders to adopt these types of adventures into their own troop’s activity calendar.

From basic backpacking to more advanced skills such as winter camping, desert camping, climbing, snowshoeing, ice axe and crampon traverse, wilderness first aid, and many more skills, WLACC – HATeam and other local councils’ HATeams share resources and volunteers to provide training and resources to expand the horizons of you and your scouts’ outdoors experience.

Please take a look through our tabs above to get inspired and engaged.

Contact us at [email protected]

Florida Sea Base
Northern Tier High Adventure Base
Philmont Scout Ranch
Summit Bechtel Reserve