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Camp Josepho’s Cub Parent Weekend will kick off the Cub Scout camping season on March 18-20. We have two more events scheduled at Camp Josepho and one at Camp Whitsett. Cub Parent Weekend is ideal for new campers because all you need is a tent and sleeping bag, at Camp Whitsett, you only need a sleeping bag. It’s still fun for the more seasoned camper, we do everything for you. Our volunteer staff cooks all your meal, takes care of all the program activities, and makes sure we keep your scout moving. Cub Scouts will have fun with Archery, BB Shooting, Chess, Table Tennis and many more adventures. For information and to register click on the links.


Cub Parent and Family Camp Weekends


The Western Los Angeles County Council organizes Cub/Parent Weekends and Cub/Family Weekends at Camp Josepho.

Spring and Fall Cub Parent Weekends

All registered Cub Scouts can attend this long-running event that allows Cub Scouts and their parents to bond over a fun-filled, activity-packed weekend at Camp Josepho, which is only minutes away from Los Angeles in the Santa Monica Mountains. Cubs can earn Belt Loops such as BB Gun Shooting, Archery, Cooking and Swimming, as well as campfire activities, field sports, and crafts. Cub Scouts must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This is a one-on-one weekend that provides a unique and special bonding experience between a Cub Scout and a parent or legal guardian.

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Family Camp Weekends

Escape from the oppressive city summer heat with this Family Camp Weekend at Camp Whitsett, in the Sequoia National Forest. You can bring the whole family along for mountain and lake adventure, as well as the opportunity to earn the swimming, Archery, and BB Gun Shooting belt loops while doing crafts, field sports, campfire skits and much more. Cub Scouts must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Siblings and other family members can attend these Family Camp weekends. This event bonds the entire family with an easy and funfilled camping experience.

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Cool 4-segment Patch!

This cool four-segment patch is earned by attending all three seasons!

  • Cub-Parent Weekends Section. You earn this for attending any session.
  • Spring Fling Section. You earn this for attending any spring season Cub/Parent Weekend.
  • Summer Sizzle Section. You earn this for attending any summer season Cub/Family Weekend.
  • Autumn Event Section. You earn this for attending any fall season Cub/Parent Weekend.

Easy Camping!

This is an easy way to do camping. All you bring is your tent, sleeping bag and toiletries. All of your food is provided at the lodge!

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Cub Day Camp


Cub Day camp is an excellent way for your cubs to enjoy the company of cubs around your district while having fun, advancing on their Cub Scout trail, and learning and experiencing new things!
Fun and adventure with a purpose

For Webelos, Cubs, and Tigers. These programs include games, crafts, sports, education and advancement, and provide a memorable outdoor summer experience.

Staffed with volunteer leaders, sessions are being offered throughout the summer; locations vary.
2017 dates are as follows:

Cub Day Camp Forms


Going camping? Check out the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting: Camping Section Check out the Camping Events for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at Emerald Bay, Whitsett, and Josepho in our 2018 Camping Guide

Camping for Cubs