WLACC Membership

Joining the Boy Scouts of America

2023 Membership Incentives:

  • Invite a friend to attend camp and if they join, you get 50% of your fees back in a doubleknot gift card!
  • Invite a friend to join online, and if they mention your Scout’s name, your Scout will receive a $20 Amazon gift card
  • The top recruiting unit in each district that grows by at least 5% will receive an invite to a Dave & Buster’s Recognition event (all registered Scouts invited)
  • Scout Influencers who recruit 3+ friends are eligible to receive a drone or oculus


Sign-up Event Resources

All Packs are eligible to receive a sign-up box kit including:

Stomp rockets and water rockets are also available as a sign-up activity!

Sign-ups, Transfers, and more are now online!

Membership Training – Full

Other Membership Training Videos

  1. Following up after the sign-up
  2. Sign-up event flow
  3. Promoting the sign-up – Council resources/formal
  4. Scheduling and Planning
  5. What is a sign-up and why is important?

WLACC YouTube Playlist