Popcorn & Adventure Cards

2024 POP-lympics

The Power of Popcorn

We believe that every eligible youth should have the opportunity to experience the life changing adventures that Scouting offers regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Each year the Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC) partners with Trail’s-End to sell popcorn to help units deliver the best possible program possible to our Scouts.

We invite your unit leadership to come and learn about the ADVENTURE of Popcorn and how it can help your unit and youth defray costs.

Units across WLACC and the Nation fund their entire year of program (outings, summer camp, activities, advancements, etc.) through one annual popcorn fundraiser. This allows families, Scouts, and units to focus on program experiences the remainder of the calendar year and removes financial barriers for families looking to participate.


2024 Trail’s End App Guide
Trail’s End-Door Hanger
2024 Trail’s End Rewards Guide

Parent Materials:

⚜ 2024Trails End Take Order Form
2024 Trail’s End Scout Parent Guide

Leader Materials:

WLACC Popcorn Inventory Form 2024 (open pickup/returns during Van Nuys office hours, please send form to your district staff member – contacts at www.bsa-la.org/staff)
Unit Kernel Guide
2024 Trail’s End Unit Leader Planner
Trail’s End Hosted Unit Kernel Webinar Schedule
Trail’s End Unit Commitment Tracker
2023 Unit Popcorn Plan Review Sheet (Excel spreadsheet)
2023 Popcorn Case Order Helper (Excel spreadsheet)
Storefront Request Letter for units to book own storefronts
2024 Popcorn Training (PowerPoint)
Unit-to-Unit Transfers

70% back to local kids

2024 POP-lympics Kickoff Training


  • 5/19/24 – Council Popcorn Kickoff (View Slides)
  • 5/31/24 – Commitment for 2024 sale due (for +1% commission)
  • 7/1/24- Sale Begins Online
  • 7/22/24- Storefront Claiming Begins
  • 8/12/24- Unit Sales Plan (+2% commission)
  • 8/19/24- Initial Order Due on Scouting.Trails-End.com by 11:59pm
  • 9/5-6/24 – Initial Order Pickup (date/time dependent on location)
  • 9/30/24- Mid-Sale “owed to council” payment Due, Returns Due
  • 11/11/24- Final Order Due, Prize Order Due, 
  • 11/15/24- Final Payment Due
  • 11/30/24 – Final Order Distribution


Visit the Staff Directory to find your local field staff member


⚜ Need more camp cards? Check with your staff member (www.bsa-la.org/staff) on current inventory levels

2024 Camp Card Guide (updated 11/28/2023)

2024 Card Order Form

2024 Prize Order Form

The “Camp Card” drive is an opportunity for Scouts to earn their way for their Scouting year.
Cards are RISK FREE; there is no down payment, and unsold cards are free to return.

You must settle on your initial order to get additional cards. Returned cards MUST be in new condition (including snap-off discounts).
Each $10 card sold earns 50% commission ($5) for the selling Scout Unit. Units must be paid-in-full by the end of the sale for Scouts to receive prizes.

Contact your District Staff Person if you have a question We are here to help you!