Welcome to Scouting

Although the Scouting language and program can seem overwhelming, we are here to help. This page will give you the high level information needed to start your family’s Scouting journey and understand what’s going on.

Cub Scouts (Ages 5-10)

Welcome to Cub Scouts! This program is for youth ages 5-10, or in grades K-5 and focuses on family fun while learning new skills and having adventures. You’ll go camping, hiking, and more with your group, and have the opportunity to be hands-on in your child’s experience.
  1. Read the parent guide above to familiarize yourself with the Scouting program
  2. If you haven’t already, connect with your child’s leaders to make sure you are getting communications
  3. Attend your first meeting and begin your family’s adventure!

ScoutsBSA (Ages 11-17)

The ScoutsBSA program (formerly “Boy Scouts”) is made up of groups called Troops. These are entirely either boys, or girls ages 11-17.
Where ScoutsBSA stands out is as a youth-run program, with adults guiding them along the way to learn valuable leadership skills. There are all kinds of adventures, including camping, rafting, climbing, and backpacking, as well as opportunities to learn skills through the incredible array of Merit Badges ranging from Programming to Personal Fitness, to Music and more.
Within a Troop, youth are divided into patrols, lead by a Scout called the “Patrol Leader.” This structure helps develop leadership skills through outdoor adventure.
  1. If you haven’t already, connect with your Troop’s leaders to ensure you are getting all communications.
  2. Learn more about opportunities for your child through the ScoutsBSA program